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For Elders

Wills:  Prepared in Illinois and Indiana.

Powers of Attorney:  Powers of Attorney for Property and Health Care are recommended for all individuals.  Mr. Schurr can explain the advantages and drawbacks of these documents.  Living wills are also available.

Trusts:   Many different types of trusts can be used to preserve assets, provide care for the young or disabled, permit legal qualification for Medicaid (nursing home care), etc.

Medicare:  Mr. Schurr can help you navigate issues pertaining to Medicare, which can be confusing and complex, such as qualification, coverage, and appeals when benefits are denied.  Mr. Schurr can also help you select the most appropriate Medicare Part D (drug) plan in your area.  He can also explain to you your rights and obligations should your health care provider chose to “opt out” of Medicare.

Medicaid:  Mr. Schurr can assist you in the qualification and application for Medicaid for nursing home care for you or a loved one in Illinois or Indiana.

Guardianships:  If a legal guardian needs to be appointed by a court in Illinois or Indiana, Mr. Schurr can assist you with this process.

Insurance Coverage:  The Elderly have many unique insurance coverage issues, including those for Medicare and disability.  Mr. Schurr can assist you with these matters.